Our Companies

Harnessing our collective resources, vast knowledge pool, and sharp strategic vision, we are more than just spectators in the ever-evolving marketplace. We are active participants, steering towards sustainable growth and affecting transformative change.


By identifying and investing in companies with strong potential, AlpineX's goal is to help our partners achieve significant returns on their investments


Our companies

“You can feel confident that you are partnering with a Company with the highest levels of integrity and fair business dealings. The burden of small business ownership can be shared and the growth potential is limitless.”

Michael Young

Founder of Urban Tree Management Inc.

“We’ve built a culture at Madera where anything is possible, and it’s the same at Alpine. So I think having more smart people looking at what we’re doing and thinking about how to push those limits—that’s just about the most exciting thing in the world.”

Matt Angell

Madera Pumps

“AlpineX and Canopy offered me flexibility in designing a go-forward role that allows me to spend more time on my passions and with my family, while still leading the business I spent my life building. The centralization of back-office functions removes the headaches every owner deals with, and their PeopleFirst philosophy means I know my employees are well taken care of.”

Enzo Paludi

founder of Beyond the Leaf Tree and Shrub

“Alpine’s PeopleFirst philosophy was the first thing that piqued my interest, because EduMind has the same culture—we are proud to support the people who make us successful. I’d always thought investors wouldn’t care about anything but money. But the more people I met with, the more it was clear that Alpine walks the walk. It has been a fantastic experience from day one.”

Vinod Dega

Founder of EduMind

“I needed to be confident that I could tell my employees that I was handing them over to a team with shared values. People are what makes the company, and I needed to have the confidence in any new leadership. My interactions with AlpineX gave me that reassurance.”

Tapas Banerjee

Founder of Web Age Solutions

“Scale's partnership with AlpineX and Briefly has accelerated our growth nationally and allowed us to increase investment in our people and brand. Briefly provides us with access to a world class business team, and our firm's integration onto their platform was seamless. We couldn't be happier.”

David Reidy

Managing Partner at Scale LLP

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